Radford Guitar - Offering the highest quality music services on the Eastside

I specialize in teaching:

- Young students (10 years old and up) that are highly motivated or gifted. 
- Students looking to participate in ensembles in academic settings.
- Musicians who wish to play in worship settings. 
- University students needing credits to fulfill their major requirements. 
- Students preparing for music department auditions. 
- Adult students needing advanced training for professional settings. 
- Active performing and recording artists. 
- Songwriters looking to expand their musical abilities. 

Why has my system been so successful for over 1000 students?

- Students learn one-on-one from a university-educated instructor with over 25 years of teaching experience who performs over 150 times per year in the US and abroad and has an active career in the music industry which includes writing, recording, and product endorsements. 

- All potential students are evaluated and considered, but only the most dedicated students are accepted for regular training, which greatly increases the success rate of my students. 

- Cutting-edge coaching methods are precisely matched with the student’s goals to accelerate the learning process, and professional and academic standards are used to guide each lesson. My students are ready for the real world!   

My students go on to succeed at the best colleges and universities, tour with regional and national recording artists, write and record albums of original music for record labels, teach at award-winning music instruction facilities, and place as finalists on nationally-televised talent shows. There’s simply no substitute for expert instruction from a teacher with a proven track record. Remember, you don’t save time or money if your lessons are ineffective! 

Lesson Rates, In-Person or via Skype:  

$160 per month (30-minute weekly lesson, 12 month term). 
$260 per month (60-minute weekly lesson, 12-month term). 
$75 per hour (drop-in lesson, no term required).

All students (except drop-in students) sign up for a regular recurring weekly lesson time and lesson fees are paid online every four weeks via automatic debit.