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"You want to learn to play? You came to the right place! For 25 years, I've taught music around the world to hundreds of people just like you. You've seen my students on national TV shows and heard artists I've worked with on the radio, so trust me when I say that my method will show you what you really need to know to reach your musical goals. Save time and money and trust a teacher with a proven track record. Call Radford Guitar today!" - Sean Radford, Owner 
Lessons are available for guitar, mandolin, ukulele, bass guitar, and voice. All ages, styles, and skill levels are welcome!  

Call (561) 809-1022 or use the Location & Contact page to inquire about scheduling availability and rates. 

"Sean has been a really great teacher, friend, and mentor for my life. If you are contemplating whether or not to go with him for lessons, believe me; he is a GREAT teacher." - Ryan C.

"Sean is an amazing teacher and mentor for my high school student. His mastery of theory as well as guitar has made my kid an incredibly versatile musician, enhancing his performance not only in the rock genre, but also jazz and musical theater. Sean not only teaches but invests in every student's success. If you are serious about musical achievement, Sean Radford is the teacher for you!" - Claire K.